Joe Manganiello isn’t looking to strip down again any time soon.

In a new interview with People, the “Magic Mike” actor commented on the possibility of another sequel.

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“I’m retired,” Manganiello said.

The actor did reveal, though, that he has kept in touch with his “Magic Mike” co-star Matt Bomer.

“We always talk,” he said. “I got so much from going to the drama school that I went to in terms of learning and technique, but one of the great things that I got is all of the friends I have that work in the business. And one of the great things is the friendship that I have with Matt. Matt and I always stay in touch, and talk and catch up, and grab lunch.”

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Manganiello’s next project, the action movie “Archenemy”, puts the actor’s fighting chops to the test.

“We got to tell the story through combat,” he said, adding of the stunt work, “It’s different at 43 than it was at 33 but it’s a lot of fun.”