In his new reality series “Growing Belushi”, Jim Belushi is on a mission to de-stigmatize marijuana usage while showing off his legal cannabis business in Oregon.

The “According To Jim” star has long been an advocate of cannabis use and says his personal interest grew out of his brother John Belushi’s death in 1982.

“My brother, I think, suffered from CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy),” he says of John. Belushi believes his brother had brain trauma after spending years playing football. “Senior year he seizured in our home, and we didn’t know what it was,” he tells Fox News.

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Belushi says his brother turned first to weed and cannabis to treat his injury before moving on to harder drugs, including cocaine and heroin.

“I believe what Dan Aykroyd says: ‘If John was a pothead he’d be alive today,'” he says. “And we think the medicine could have really helped him with that CTE, that suffering. That’s one of my purposes.”

On “Growing Belushi”, the actor speaks of his mission to de-stigmatize cannabis, highlighting the positive effects it has on a number of ailments, including PTSD in combat veterans.

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“I just thought that this was something that nobody’s ever seen,” Belushi says of the series. “I think there are people that are very frightened about cannabis and its attributes and I thought, You know what? If everybody just sees how it’s grown, sees the people that are involved, that really care… the testing that’s involved, the safety involved, they may feel a little more relaxed about trying cannabis.