Jesse Metcalfe’s latest role is quite a departure from his rom-coms like “John Tucker Must Die”, but the actor was eager to showcase a more rebellious side in the new film “Hard Kill”.

“I wanted to do something that is the total antithesis of every other role that I’m known for,” Metcalfe told ET Canada. “This role came to me through Randall Emmett and EFO Productions, and I just love it. I play an ex-military turned freelance mercenary named Derek Miller, who ends up leading this team of other ex-military on a mission to retrieve a very valuable piece of technology that was left in the wrong hands.”

Metcalfe performed his own stunts in most of the film’s fight scenes, a challenge the 41-year-old actor was ready to tackle.

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“I’m generally prepared for action and stunt work because I’m a very physical person,” Metcalfe said. “I’ve been told by the directors I work with that I’m a very physical actor, but I train at this gym in Los Angeles called Unbreakable, where I do a lot of boxing and mixed martial arts. I’m not a UFC fighter by any means, but I know how to throw a punch so I didn’t need to develop fighting skills from the ground up. I know enough, and I’m well versed enough in the art of stage combat to do this stuff on the fly so that’s what we did.”

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Metcalfe said the project was shot in just ten working days, which was “an incredible accomplishment.”

“The fight sequences, the complex choreography, the heavy artillery that was used in the movie… to achieve what we did in ten days is nothing short of miraculous,” he added.

Perhaps as miraculous as Metcalfe felt getting the opportunity to share the screen with the “iconic” Bruce Willis.

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“I fan-girled a little bit,” Metcalfe said. “He’s the man, he’s awesome. He wasn’t on set for very long, all of his scenes were compressed into a few days because he’s got it like that. He comes in, does his thing, and leaves. He was super professional, kind and cool. It was an honour to share the screen with him.”

Metcalfe added: “I’m big into preparation and obviously there’s an added pressure to sharing the screen with an icon like Bruce Willis. It was absolutely a career bucket list accomplishment. Bruce is amazing and his canon of work is impressive. He’s one of the reasons why ‘Pulp Fiction’ is one of my favourite movies of all time.”

“Hard Kill” will be available on-demand and digital on August 25. In the meantime, check out a clip from the movie below.