The new “Wonder Woman” villain is taking some real-life inspiration.

In a new interview with Patty Jenkins at ScreenRant, the directed revealed that Donald Trump partly inspired the villain Maxwell Lord, played by Pedro Pascal in the upcoming “Wonder Woman 1984”.

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“He’s one of them. I mean honestly, the funny thing is he is [an influence], but I’m not trying to make…We even have the president in this movie, and I’ve gone out of my way not to make it look like Ronald Reagan. I don’t want to get political, it’s not about being political,” she said. “Actually, a huge influence of this movie was also Madoff. Those young Madoff stories fascinate me, because I’m like, ‘How do you end up being Bernie Madoff?’ And when you really start tracking that story, it’s like, it all started out in a way that made sense, and he was paying it off, and then doing this, and then paying it off again. And then you just become an evil dude when you don’t even realize that it’s happening.”

She added, “So, yes, Trump’s definitely one of the people that we looked at, but it’s any of those kind of mavericks of business success that was big in the ‘80s. Who went on to be major players in our world in potentially questionable other ways. Yeah, I don’t have an agenda to have a political message to send to the world, but I think that the world all needs the same political message. Everybody needs to look at themselves right now, and our politics, our belief system of excess.”

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The film will also feature another villain, Cheetah, played by Kristen Wiig, along with returning stars Gal Gadot and Chris Pine.

“Wonder Woman 1984” is set to hit theatres Oct. 2.