While “New Girl” may have wrapped back in 2018, a recent resurgence in viewers watching the show through Netflix has caused a lot of people to ask for more from the comedy series – including members of its cast.

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Jake Johnson opened up on the chances of the show coming back during a new interview with Slate’s “Thirst Aid Kit” podcast.

Discussing why “New Girl” ended in the first place, Johnson admitted that the series was struggling with declining viewership rates.

“When we were going away, Fox was being pretty cool and saying like, ‘We don’t want to cancel you, but nobody’s watching,'” he said.

“So when we did our final season…Zooey Deschanel and I literally wrote an email to the heads [of Fox and 20th Century TV] asking for more, for the few OG fans who stayed with us. You can’t end the way season six ended where it was rushed. I was like, ‘Give [creator] Liz Meriwether the time to finish this right!'”

The binge-worthy show has earned itself a whole new cohort of followers thanks to being picked up by Netflix and the onset of the pandemic, however, Johnson notes that the renewed attention is “bittersweet.”

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“So now that there’s people following [‘New Girl’], I’m like, it’s not like you’re 10 years too late, you’re 18 months! It’s a little bittersweet. We were just working,” he continued.

Since the “New Girl” cast is all still in touch, the actor hopes that they can use their new fans and renewed popularity as an opportunity to get back filming.

“Hannah Simone and I were texting two nights ago…Zooey and I still text. All the guys and I are on a text chain,” he shared. “Everybody’s still linked up, so I would be surprised if there’s not some sort of a thing at some point where everybody comes back.”

Johnson noted that the only issue now is how successful the cast have all become, meaning that getting everyone together again might be difficult.

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“Lamorne [Morris] is now running his own show. He’s becoming a mogul, so Lamorne…he’s coming back with an arc!” he added.

“So Liz Meriwether would have to crack a great story, and if she does that, it would be really fun to get everybody back.”