The “Schitt’s Creek” cast are spilling secrets.

Catherine O’Hara, Dan Levy, and Eugene Levy virtually reunited with SiriusXM’s Jess Cagle for a special “Virtual Town Hall” and discussed missing their daily lives on set.

And for Dan, David’s shoes are what ties him to his character.

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“Any time I laced up those shoes I sort of instantly clicked into that character that’s why taking them off at the end of season 6 was a really hard thing to do because I was so used to stepping into his shoes every day,” Dan explained. “I have two pairs of them and I actually used to wear them with my regular everyday clothes and now I can’t because I tried to wear them out once and someone was like, ‘You wearing David’s clothes?’ and I was like, ‘Yeah, this is weird.’ [laughs] I had them first, if you must know.”

And with David’s shoes, comes Moira’s (O’Hara) wigs.

According to O’Hara, she named her wigs after friends in her real life, “They were my bebes, my hairy friends.”

But despite all the extra virtual “Schitt’s Creek” content, Dan says fans won’t see any bonus features like deleted scenes.

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“The scenes that didn’t make it into the show, didn’t make it into the show because they were not the strongest scenes, they were not helping the story move forward. While I know its exciting to want to see those deleted scenes,” he explained. “I have to say you would have seen them by now if they were worth seeing. And I know one in particular that people are talking about which is after the open mic night with Patrick and I. There was a scene that was shot and it was fine, but it was repeating things that we had already kind of seen in the show.”

He added, “So as much as I would love to share those with you I as a collective with our team take great pride in only putting out the best of the best out there and that is why you have not seen them and likely never will. They just didn’t… sometimes scenes don’t need to be on TV.”

“Schitt’s Creek” wrapped its sixth and final season earlier this year.