Maren Morris is having one busy year!

The country superstar just released her acoustic album Reimagined, featuring stripped-down versions of several of her hits, including “Girl” and “The Bones”, and she also became a mom to her son Hayes in March.

While speaking with ET Canada’s Sangita Patel, the “My Church” singer opens up about what life has been like since welcoming her baby boy.

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Morris admits one of the best things about being a mom is watching her husband, fellow country singer Ryan Hurd, be a dad.

“It’s, like, weird but is kind of the hottest thing seeing your guy holding a baby and taking care of it, it’s just like a completely natural response to be like, ‘Wow, you’re really hot.'”

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The 30-year-old singer admits Hayes is “getting so big” and will probably be tall like his dad: “He doesn’t fit in his age size of clothing anymore. He’s like a size up. But no, he’s adorable and he’s so smiley and sweet right now. Hopefully, it stays like that!”

Morris is definitely hoping Hayes will fit into his customized jean jacket for a while, which was gifted to her by the one and only Miranda Lambert.

“I love that it’s personalized,” gushes the singer. “It’s blinged out. I mean, he looks like a little baby Elton John in it, my husband is like, ‘Oh yeah, what son wouldn’t want to match with his mother?'”

Morris also shared details of her intense birth experience after previously revealing she was in labour for 30 hours and would have to have a C-section.

“I’ve gone through so many waves,” admits the singer. “I’m sure you know after you have a baby there’s just so many hormonal things that are just trying to level back out and it takes time.”

She adds: “I feel like my threshold is way higher than I once thought. And I think that I’ve grown more patient over the months because I’ve had to, not only with a baby, but with life kind of shutting down, I’ve had to really take a pause and figure out things I love outside of music and touring.

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Fans can watch our full interview with the singer below.