Stephen Colbert marked night one of the Republican National Convention on “The Late Show” by comparing Donald Trump to Thanos in an “Avengers” parody skit.

The clip was titled “America: Endgame” and saw numerous members of the Republican party be compared to an array of Marvel villains.

Attorney general Bill Barr featured as one of the giant apes from the big battle at the end of “Avengers: Endgame”, while Rudy Giuliani starred as one of the Chitauri aliens from the first “Avengers” film.

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Ivanka Trump was a member of Thanos’s Black Order, Proxima Midnight, while Jared Kushner featured as Corvus Glaive, Midnight’s lover.

First Lady Melania made an appearance as Hela from “Thor: Ragnarok”, saying “be best,” while Mitch McConnell starred as the Red Skull.

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Mike Pence bizarrely featured as himself, while Eric Trump showed up at the end in a children’s “Batman” costume.

Trump, as Thanos, said in the clip, “I don’t take responsibility at all,” before snapping mailboxes out of existence and bringing back destroyed statues of Confederate generals.

Colbert also mocked Melania during Monday’s show, as Laura “First Lady” Benanti gave a preview of her RNC speech. See more below.

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