Jasika Nicole has some complicated feelings about her role on “Fringe”.

The actress, who played Astrid on the sci-fi series from 2008 to 2013, addressed a running joke on the show that she felt was “tasteless,” “bullying,” and “racist.”

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For the entire run of the show, the character Astrid enjoyed a loving relationship with Walter, played by actor John Noble. But despite the two characters’ congeniality, Walter was never able to get Astrid’s name right.

Nicole also shared details about her experience on the set, including how she did not get the same perks as her other co-stars like getting rides to work, while a producer allegedly lied to her about the inequity.

The actress also noted that certain directors on the show refused to get her real-life name right, getting support from co-star Joshua Jackson.

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Later, Nicole thanked followers for listening to her experience and apologized for missing that the running joke about Astrid’s name had racist connotations.

Since starring on “Fringe”, Nicole has starred in series such as “Scandal”, “Underground”, and “The Good Doctor”.