Dan Levy has got his plans all set for this year’s Emmys.

The actor and “Schitt’s Creek” co-creator was on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Monday night with guest host David Spade.

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“Schitt’s Creek” is nominated for an incredible 15 Emmy awards this year, including Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy for Dan.

Asked about his plans for this year’s virtual ceremony, Levy told Spade that he will probably be getting together with his mom and father Eugene Levy, who is himself nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy.

“I think we’re hoping to do a little backyard barbecue or something at my parents’ house,” Levy told Spade. “And kind of invite whoever from the cast and crew is in town to come and celebrate and then I guess we’ll all get dressed up for each other and kind of make a night out of it.”

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He added, “Catherine O’Hara is currently still in Canada so we’re going to try and trap her here until the Emmys so at least she can come and celebrate. It’ll be a Canadian rager.”

Talking about all the show’s nominations, Dan joked, “It’s a disgusting amount and I feel shame about it. But you know what, we’re working through it. Listen, Canadians don’t get this kind of recognition that often so I’m kind of soaking it in.”

Dan also talked about getting to work with O’Hara after she and his dad worked together for years on “SCTV”.

“I was growing up in Canada so in a way I didn’t actually get to be very close with her until this show,” he said. “My dad still describes how trippy it was to watch me and my sister acting in scenes with Catherine and the flashbacks to him being our age shooting with Catherine!”