Hugh Jackman Trolls Ryan Reynolds, Consoles Blake Lively In Hilarious SiriusXM Interview

Hugh Jackman Zoomed in for a virtual appearance on SiriusXM’s “The Jess Cagle Show”, and he couldn’t resist fanning the flames of his faux feud with frenemy Ryan Reynolds.

During the course of the interview, Jackman congratulates Reynolds’ wife, Blake Lively, on her birthday.

“Blake is amazing, I don’t know how that happened but still she is flawless. To think of what she’s had to put up with. Let’s just think COVID with Ryan. It’s amazing. I just hope more than anything that she is on her own with her friends just really enjoying the day,” Jackman proclaims.

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“Jess Cagle Show” Julia Cunningham adds: “I mean its classic ‘Beauty and the Beast’ where she is trapped with Ryan Reynolds in a castle somewhere. Being forced to hang out with him, who knew.”

“Yeah but not the Beauty and the Beast where it turns out that he’s a really good guy at the end,” Jackman fires back

This opens the door for Jackman to take a few more shots at Reynolds when asked what he would get the “Deadpool” star for his upcoming birthday.

“The first thing that came to mind was a game we used to play as kids, did you ever play that game, we used to call it Ring and Run. Where you go knock on someone’s door and run away. What’s that called here?…. Ding Dong Ditch. So of course my older brother took it to the next level and when you came to open the door there was a package that was on fire. The package was filled with various amounts of dog poo from the neighbourhood. So you would stamp it out. That’s the first thing that came to mind. Something like that, Ding Dong Ditch. Just for fun… Funny,” says Jackman

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Cunningham responds by telling Jackman about a Reddit discussion in which fans were clamouring for Jackman and Reynolds to do a reboot of the Nicolas Cage-John Travolta flick “Face/Off”, “where you guys had to trade faces which I think could potentially be amazing.”

Quips Jackman: “I have not heard that. Is it possible to shoot it where we are actually never together? Is that possible?”

In addition, host Jess Cagle points out that Jackman and fellow Marvel superhero Mark Ruffalo are both nominated for an Emmy this year in the same category, Jackman for his HBO movie “Bad Education”, Ruffalo for playing twin brothers in the HBO miniseries “I Know This Much Is True”.

“Have you had any conversations with Mark Ruffalo, who is also in your category and the internet is kind of going crazy that Wolverine and The Hulk are up against each other. Once again,” says Cagle.

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“I’m trying to reach out to him but he’s not taking my calls so I guess I’m somehow laying the track for another feud here,” jokes Jackman. “Which thank goodness we are not in the same room together…. I’m laughing because Mark’s a very good friend of mine and I actually haven’t spoken to him about it. He’s absolutely astonishing in the show. I mean I think he is one of the best actors, certainly of our generation…. But Wolverine would beat him for sure let’s just be very clear…. I don’t know if you know this but The Wolverine actually appeared first in a Hulk comic. He was like a last page, some guy coming so it was The Hulk series he appeared so that’s sort of where that feud came from and then Wolverine sort of took on this whole life so I’m sure the Hulk is very jealous.”

Meanwhile, Jackman had been scheduled to return to Broadway for a revival of beloved musical “The Music Man”, which was delayed due to the pandemic. He offers an update.

“We are going to rehearse in February, open in May and yeah, I’ve been doing quite a lot of stuff on my own,” he explains.

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“I’m lucky I had enough floor space and good broadband so that Warren Carlyle my choreographer could be watching me,” he adds. “So I sort of know it already [laughs] which is an odd thing to say eight months before you start rehearsals, but we’ll be ready.

Hugh Jackman’s full interview on SiriusXM’s “The Jess Cagle Show” can be heard on Thursday, Aug. 27.

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