Emilia Clarke appeared at the 2020 edition of the Edinburgh TV Festival, which, for the first time ever, took place with a digital format.

During her conversation, the 33-year-old actress discussed her experience with the elaborate costumes featured in “Game of Thrones”, and had some inside info to dish about inequities when it came to the costumes of male and female actors.

“The guys in the Night’s Watch, Jon Snow, are wearing a woolly mammoth all the time,” she said, as reported by the Daily Mail.

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“When we were shooting things in a hot country when they had all of those things on, they had this pump that had its own little generator attached into the costumes,” she explained. “They used it to pump cold water into these pipes and cool them all down so underneath they had this weird kind of cooling system.”

However, she added, “Girls weren’t allowed that. All I could get was the back of my wig to be lifted up.

“It’s too hard, I’ve got a wig on, they don’t make cold packs you know, you put ice packs on yourself.”

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