Jennifer Lopez opened up about the “full circle” moment she had with Billie Eilish and her daughter Emme during an appearance on Barstool Sports’ “The Corp”.

Lopez was interviewed by her fiancé Alex Rodriguez for the podcast, with him asking her who she was a huge fan of right now.

Admitting she loves Ariana Grande, Lopez told an interesting story involving Eilish and Lopez’s 12-year-old daughter.

The singer shared, “We had a real moment at the Billie Eilish concert that was like, ‘Oh, my God, we’re bonding right now, this is amazing, I love you!” as Rodriguez replied: “And Emme started crying.”

Lopez said, referencing her own tour and meeting fans: “Billie had just started her tour. And so every night I was doing meet-and-greets with my fans and they hug you and they cry and they love you and you get used to it, it’s like a beautiful thing you do.

“You know, my manager, Benny (Medina) always jokes, like, that’s my favourite part of the show because I love meeting the people afterwards and hearing them and stories and all that.

“And then I watch my daughter freak out over Billie Eilish. And he was like, ‘Oh, I was like…because she’s just my daughter and we’re just regular people.’ Right, but when I’m working, I don’t know… it was kind of like a weird kind of 3D vision of myself.”

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Lopez said how Emme gasped when Eilish walked into the room after the concert: “Now she’s literally [in] tears because since she’s eight years old, now she’s 12, she idolized this girl and for whatever reason, her songs and the words she says she connects to and she loves her style and, you know, whatever it is, moves her.

“It made me think like, Oh my God, my fans, that’s why they’re crying. I don’t know… it never connected until I saw that my daughter do it. And it was… I’m not articulating it well, but it was a mind-blowing experience for me. It made me appreciate, you know, what I do more, my fans more, what Billie did for my daughter. You know what I mean?! Like all of it was like a full-circle moment.”

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Lopez also spoke about the possibility of being an owner of the Mets: “Yeah, I mean, listen, in this day and age, that would be something that would be so amazing.

“I don’t have anything to report on that end right now. But I think in every field, especially in institutions like Major League Baseball or, you know, that are so American in this moment in time, it is important for diversity and it is important for women to have positions of power that they’ve earned and deserve and can contribute in a way that is just as good as any man on the planet. You know, so, of course, I am for it. Umm. Nothing to report.”

Rodriguez then asked Lopez what she thought her number 1 superpower was, to which she replied: “It would be hard for me to pick between performing live and acting. You know what I mean? Because when I’m on stage, I really feel like I’m my best self. I feel like that’s where I was meant to be and I feel really at ease up there and not only do I feel at ease, I feel like the best person I can be in my life as a human being, that’s who I am when I’m up there. But I think a lot of people, some people would say that acting is my biggest talent. If you’re going to, like, measure them, but I don’t know.”