Jason Derulo is delivering good news, and a new car, to a very deserving person.

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Derulo made the most of his stint as guest host on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”.

Nurse Florence Njoroge was the latest individual honoured through the “Health Care Hero” series. Florence’s 15-year-old son, Jason Njoroge, wrote the show a letter praising his mom for her work as a nurse, mother of three children and caretaker of her husband who has ALS.

“Florence, we secretly shipped this lock box to your kids this morning,” Derulo told Florence, as her children smiled ear-to-ear. “Now, Jenna, can you be honest. Did you try to crack the combination to the lock box?”

Florence raised honest children who did not try and crack the code to the lock box. That made the reveal all the more sweet when Derulo shared news of the family’s new car. The roomy vehicle is equipped with a ramp and plenty of space in the back for Florence’s husband and his wheelchair.

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Florence and her children were overcome with emotion as they embraced one another.