Joseph Gordon-Levitt opened up about his secret side-hustle on the latest episode of “Hot Ones“.

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Joining the show virtually from his home in Los Angeles, Gordon-Levitt revealed that in addition to acting he has a strong penchant for Russian clowning.

The actor has even taken part in “Slava’s Snowshow”, a stage show created by Russian performance artist Slava Polunin.

Gordon-Levitt opened up about training as a clown under Polunin and starring in the show both on and off Broadway.

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“This is a deep passion of mine that I don’t really talk about, and I get to go on stage with these clowns and no one knows it’s me,” he shared. “It’s very, very real. It’s very heartfelt… because they can dress up as something other than a normal human, it somehow liberates them to just put their deepest, most [grunts] feelings out.”

Gordon-Levitt also spoke about studying French literature at Columbia University and his love for Paris.

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“There’s no other city in the world that has such a love, and like a rich deep love, for movies,” he added.