Maya Rudolph Reminds Herself: ‘Hunny, You Are Not Kamala’ Harris

Maya Rudolph’s hilarious portrayal of Joe Biden’s VP running mate Kamala Harris on Global’s “Saturday Night Live” is so bang on that even she has to remind herself she isn’t really Kamala Harris.

In an interview with Variety, Rudolph opened up about her iconic role, which nabbed her one of her three Emmy nods this year.

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“People mention [Harris] and they mention me too. It’s pretty delightful, but I keep reminding myself like, ‘Hunny, you are not Kamala,’” Rudolph said (at the 19:55 mark in the video below).

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Adding, “But I’ll take it. It’s a nice person to be associated with.”

Of her Emmy nomination, Rudolph said, “I feel so lucky that I’ve been able to play Senator Harris.”

The actress is also nominated for her role as Connie on “Big Mouth” and for her part of the Judge on “The Good Place”.

“SNL” returns to Global this fall.

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