Kate Middleton sent a thank-you letter to a five-year-old boy with prosthetic legs who walked six miles in 30 days and raised over $1.7 million.

Middleton congratulated Tony Hudgell, who had to have his legs amputated in 2017 as a result of abuse he suffered from his birth parents, writing how inspiring the little one was and how much the children’s hospital he was walking for, who saved his life, would appreciate it.

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The Duchess of Cambridge wrote, “I wanted to send you my congratulations following your amazing fundraising efforts last month for Evelina London Children’s Hospital.

“It was wonderful to hear how you were inspired by Captain Sir Tom Moore’s story to carry out your own walk. I am very impressed that you carried on even after reaching your target of 10km!

“I know that your efforts have been hugely appreciated by Evelina, and we are all so proud of what you have achieved.

“I hope that you manage to have a very well deserved rest before starting on your next adventure – whatever that may be!” she concluded, before signing it off.

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Tony had originally set out to raise ÂŁ500 ($869) but raised so much more.

Tony’s adoptive mum Paula Hudgell told the BBC back in June: “I’m absolutely blown away. I’m speechless. It doesn’t feel real.”