The internet was in complete disbelief at Colin Farrell’s transformation into the Penguin after the trailer was released online. It turns out, even his co-star Jeffrey Wright didn’t recognize the Irish actor.

“Colin walked on to set one day and I walked right passed him,” he says during an interview with SiriusXM’s “The Jess Cagle Show”. “I was like ‘Okay, hey dude, what’s happening? Where’s Colin? Are we going to shoot?'”

“It’s pretty remarkable,” he says of the prosthetics used to transform Farrell.

CPImages/Warner Bros.
CPImages/Warner Bros.

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The superhero movie with Robert Pattinson was filming when they got the call to shut down over the pandemic.

“We shut down March 13 on a Friday, some of the stuff that we were filming that day is in that trailer. We were really stoked about what we were doing” he says.

For the Emmy-nominated “Westworld” star, it was the Batmobile and the script for “The Batman” that drew him in to accept the role of James Gordon.

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“I think one of the aspects of the script that I was really stoked about was the Batmobile. The way it was described, it was described as this kind of retro hyper Hemi 5 muscle car that was just the craziest, coolest thing that you’d ever seen,” he explains. “When I read that I said ‘A-ha, yes,’ because what it was trying to achieve and what it does achieve, is to create an accessibility for our Gotham a world that is tangible and grounded and very familiar reality but at the same time it’s still fantastical, it’s still tweaked, it’s still arched but it’s accessible.”

He continues: “Comic book films have sucked a lot of oxygen from the cinematic room. But with ‘Batman’ we have an opportunity to use all of the trappings of that genre to explore some things in an American city through a lens of crime, corruption that are really grounded and relevant and interesting.”