The fourth time wasn’t the charm for Janelle Pierzina.

Stans of the reality show call her the “Queen of ‘Big Brother’” but she couldn’t hold court any longer inside the house – making her the third houseguest to get evicted from “Big Brother: All-Stars”.

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ET Canada’s Sangita Patel caught up with the “BB” legend to chat all about her heartbreaking eviction and 15-year journey on the show.

“Oh, I’m not pissed at all. I totally get it,” Pierzina says. “I knew going into the house and I was even apprehensive of doing this season in general because I knew you know, the name I am, all of that stuff, over the years it’s just been pumped into these newer players’ minds that I am this big player.”

“So, I’m not surprised at all, I knew I was a bigger target than Kaysar,” she adds.

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However, what ‘was’ surprising to Pierzina was Memphis’ betrayal in deciding to vote her out of the game.

“I did feel like I had a good connection with Memphis,” she reveals. “But I knew in the key room when I asked when he played [for the veto] to save me, that he was lying. He’s not a great liar. So, he was lying to me, I knew he threw the competition. At that point, I knew ‘I can’t trust Memphis.’”

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Although Pierzina’s relationship with Memphis was positive, her relationship with Nicole Franzel was anything but, which she says was triggered by memories of when they both competed on season 31 of “The Amazing Race” in 2018.

“Things get brought back up inside the ‘Big Brother’ house. There was a little crack early on that just like amplified and basically fell apart because I never trusted Nicole and she’s always been very insecure with me just because I’m a strong woman or whatever,” she expresses.

Pierzina continues, “I just don’t put up with bulls**t. I don’t do the crying crap, I don’t do the moaning, the whining. That kind of stuff irritates me obviously. So, I think she was always threatened or scared by me.”

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Ahead of Thursday’s eviction episode, #SaveJanelle was trending on Twitter thanks to her dedicated fanbase. For the 40-year-old, joining “All-Stars” was all about her loyal supporters.

“I absolutely know that my fan base is super hardcore. I came back this season for the fans,” she says.

Adds Pierzina, “I feel like my ‘Big Brother’ time is done now. I mean, if they were to ask me back for a shortened season or something like that, then yes, but it’s been 15 years.”

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With Pierzina’s eviction comes the noticeable fact that she’s the third woman to leave the house this season, and for the “Big Brother” star, it’s truly a sad moment.

“I wanted a woman to win. I want women to do better in the game,” she admits.

“I don’t know how I can say this without offending people, but I wish they would have asked stronger women in general for this season that could have done something. You know, Rachel Reilly’s pregnant, if she were in there, they would have been just as scared of her as they were of me,” adds Pierzina.

“Nicole Franzel is not… she is the kind of person that targets women, it’s just…you need to cast strong women, that’s it,” she says.

Check out our full interview with the Queen of “Big Brother” below.

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