On Friday’s edition of CNN’s “The Lead”, anchor Jake Tapper had a special announcement for viewers: Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green has joined the news network as a correspondent.

In a conversation with Tapper, Green shared his belief that NBA teams should keep playing — and use that platform to continue to battle systemic racism.

“If we leave our stage and we drop our microphone, we could no longer speak for these people that we are speaking for,” he said.

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In addition, Green explained that many NBA players have been known to contribute to urban communities; by not playing, he added, “we’re taking resources away from ourselves to be able to continue this fight.”

Green also commented on some comments from President Donald Trump, who claimed, “I don’t know much about the NBA protests. I know their ratings have been very bad ’cause I think people are very tired of the NBA. They’ve become like a political organization and that’s not a good thing. I don’t think that’s a good thing for sports or for the country.”

“We’re dealing with a master manipulator,” Green said of Trump. “He got in office by manipulating people. This is no different than what he said about Colin Kaepernick. We’re dealing with a guy who’s leading our country, who likes to take the narrative and spin it in his favour.”

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When it came to Kaepernick’s protests, added Green, Trump “made it all about the flag. ‘He’s disrespecting the military, he’s disrespecting veterans.’ It’s ridiculous, it was never about that,” he said. “Now he’s calling the NBA a political organization. This has nothing to do with Democrats and Republicans, we’re fighting for basic human rights.”