Nikki Fre$h has some new music to share.

Nicole Richie’s rap-loving alter ego is back with a new album, Unearthed, and to call it eclectic is an understatement thanks to a selection of songs that lean heavily into environmentalism — including one song about saving bees.

“A pesticide homicide and we’ll be soon to follow, ’cause if these bees are gone today then we’ll be gone tomorrow,” she sings in the track “Bee’s Tea”.

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Hilariously, voicemails are interspersed between the album’s tracks, with pal Mila Kunis, sister-in-law Cameron Diaz and even her dad, Lionel Richie, sharing their concern about her quirky tunes and trying to encourage her to quit music.

For those who aren’t aware, Nikki Fre$h is also the name of Richie’s new Quibi series, in which the former star of “The Simple Life” attempts to redefine herself as “the queen of trap”.

Prior to the release of Unearthed, Nicole/Nikki unveiled a music video for the album’s first single, “Parent Trap”.

In addition, check out a trailer for Quibi’s “Nikki Fre$h”.