Colin Jost Reveals Struggles With Insecurity, Depression When He Began ‘Weekend Update’ On ‘SNL’

Colin Jost has been bringing viewers of “Saturday Night Live” laughs for years, but in a new interview with his “Weekend Update” predecessor he admits he struggled with his confidence when he and Michael Che took over “Weekend Update”.

As Us Weekly reports, Jost spoke with Seth Meyers in a 92Y virtual talk earlier this week, with Jost admitting he had problems with insecurity.

“I felt depressed that I just felt like I was failing at it. That was the hardest part. And I didn’t quite know how to not feel that way or how to get out of that feeling,” Jost divulged.

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Reading critiques from viewers on social media, he admitted, was not as helpful as he’d hoped.

“Sometimes I would be reading things because I wanted to learn. I wanted to get feedback in order to figure out how to be better, but then some of it’s constructive, but most isn’t. Most is just personal attacks about either the way you look or sound. Then you get more in your head,” he added.

“I had felt successful at our show as a writer up until that point,” he explained of making the transition from writer to performer. “You’re constantly humbled and beaten down about certain things, but I felt like I knew the lay of the land… I lost that all and didn’t have the confidence doing it. And it really threw me for a while.”

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Ultimately, Jost came to realize the only way he would get better would be to keep at it.

“It’s hard and there’s no way of getting better at it other than doing it more,” he said. “There’s no other place you can go to practice doing a live Weekend Update. There’s nothing like it.”

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