When “Ant-Man 3” eventually makes its way to theatres, stars Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly will be sharing equal billing.

In an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment, director Peyton Reed reveals that Rudd (who stars as Scott Lang/Ant-Man) and Lilly (Hope van Dyne/The Wasp) will be sharing screen time and billing in the upcoming Marvel sequel.

“They’re a partnership, and she’s a very, very important part of that,” says Reed, who directed 2015’s “Ant-Man” and its 2018 sequel “Ant-Man and the Wasp”.

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“And that was a very gratifying thing, I guess technically we were the first Marvel movie with a female hero in the title of the movie,” Reed explains.

“Finding that balance in that movie, that’s very important to me because that’s very much a men’s playing field, historically,” he adds. “But that’s really, really changing now in a great way.”

With “Ant-Man 3” currently scheduled for a 2022 release, Reed reveals that preliminary work on the movie is already underway.

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“We have [cracked the story],” Reed says. “Nothing is official yet, but we’re quietly working. We’re working through the pandemic.”