A former clerk at a Los Angeles bookstore has shared a story about Chadwick Boseman’s generosity that he’d witnessed.

In a series of tweets that went viral, Trevor Reece recalled working at L.A.’s Samuel French Film & Theater bookshop when he spotted Boseman in the store.

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“He didn’t bring any attention to himself, just wanted to find a few new plays. But then this young actor, 20 something black man, comes up to him and starts talking,” he wrote, adding that “30 mins later, they are still chatting. Chadwick taking the time to give this guy advice, speaking to what’s it’s like to be a black man in this industry, how to navigate it. The actor thanks him for his time and continues looking for books.”

“Chadwick comes up to the counter and buys the few plays he found, but then, he has another stack. They’re books he recommended to the actor and he wants to buy them. He then has me hold the books behind the counter for this guy and takes off,” he continues. ”

He didn’t want thanks. He just wanted to make sure this young man was taken care of and had access to resources he would need to succeed,” Reece concluded. “Chadwick Boseman was the King of Wakanda. He was James Brown and Jackie Robinson. But above all that, he was a good man.”

Boseman passed away from colon cancer on Friday. He was 43.

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