More than 22 years since “Reflection” showcased her incredible vocals to the world, Christina Aguilera performed a remake of the hit on “Good Morning America” on Monday.

The songstress’ original song appeared on the soundtrack for the animated film “Mulan” in 1998. With Disney’s live-action remake of the movie releasing on Friday, Aguilera recorded an updated version of the song for the new film’s soundtrack.

Performing remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic, Aguilera set herself up in an outdoor setting before belting out the track.

Wearing a black blazer and circular sunglasses, she pulled her blonde locks into a bun and painted her nails and lips bright red.

Aguilera, 39, also recorded a new song, “Loyal Brave True,” for the soundtrack, which she also performed on “Good Morning America”.

The musician shared a behind-the-scenes peek at the performance on social media, which showed crew members wearing masks for the taping.

“Reflection” also appeared on Aguilera’s 1999 self-titled debut album. Fans loved seeing the song being performed two decades later, with one tweeting that it had made her “ugly cry.”

“Did Xtina just take me back to childhood singing Reflection like that on GMA this morning?!?” the viewer wrote. “@xtina its too early to ugly cryb.”

“You’re gonna make me cry too,” Aguilera responded.

ET debuted an exclusive featurette on the making of the revamped “Reflection” music video on Friday.

“It’s so amazing to come full circle, 20 years later, to a song that holds such special meaning to me,” Aguilera said in the clip. “‘Reflection’ is the song, and the first “Mulan”, is the reason why I’m sitting here today.”

“The new version takes on a more serious tone,” she added. “So I wanted to bring more of that huge orchestration, and also sing it in a bigger way.”

See more on the song below.

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