A group of local musicians in Whistler, B.C. got to jam with a rock and roll legend.

Last Saturday, the musicians were playing at The Album Café when they spotted KISS co-founder Gene Simmons in the audience.

They called him up onstage, where Simmons borrowed a bass guitar and jammed with the band while keeping a safe distance.

Simmons, who is married to Canadian actress and model Shannon Tweed, returned to the café this weekend for a repeat performance joined by his son, Nick.

At the end of the performance, Lymbertos jokingly kicked the rock legend off stage.

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“We went through the whole night until the very end where I finally get to tell Gene Simmons, ‘Hey, you’re cut, buddy. Take a seat,’” he said.

Simmons didn’t seem to mind, leaving Lymbertos a US$20 tip.

“It was just an incredible night,” Lymbertos said. “It was a love fest, pretty much.”