Billie Eilish is inspiring her fellow artists, including Miley Cyrus.

Cyrus and her band performed a stunning cover of Eilish’s new song “My Future” in a COVID-19-conscious version of BBC One’s “Live Lounge”. The “Hannah Montana” alum delivered a ’70s rock ballad/jazz rendition of the song.

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“‘Cause I, I’m in love/With my future/Can’t wait to meet her,” Cyrus belts. “And I, I’m in love/But not with anybody else/Just wanna get to know myself.”

Cyrus, 27, also performed her new single “Midnight Sky” after showcasing it at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards.


During the “Live Lounge” appearance, Cyrus told host Clara Amfo how she was using The Eagles’ music to help her cope with the death of Cyrus’ grandma, Loretta Finley.

“We’ve had the Eagles on repeat because that was my Mammie’s favourite record, she loved the Eagles,” Cyrus shared. “‘Take It to the Limit’ is a song that my mom and her mom sang in the car every day on the way to school.” Adding, “The Eagles have been a big inspiration for me and it’s about giving that respect to the people that have passed down music that made us who we are.”

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Cyrus reflected on the moment she learned of the sad news.

“I was in glam getting ready for a ‘Midnight Sky’ performance and my mom called and she didn’t even have to say what had happened, I could just tell,” Cyrus shared. “I ran down the hill with literally one half of my face on,” she added. “I’ve never got in my car and left so fast in my entire life and just went and spent the week healing with my mom.”