While many are lamenting the weight they’ve gained while quarantining during the COVID-19 pandemic, Peter Facinelli took the opposite approach.

In a series of shirtless photos he shared on Instagram, the “Twilight” actor reveals his ripped physique after shedding 30 pounds.

The photos aren’t just for vanity, but are promoting a very worthy cause.

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As he explains in the caption, Facinelli is encouraging other men to share selfies in which they’re wearing a bathing suit of underwear, as part of a campaign he’s undertaking for Nic Tailor Underwear and the Prostate Cancer Foundation in order to raise awareness of September being Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

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Hope this got your attention… September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Today I’m launching the #NicTailorNoPants campaign in partnership with @prostatecancerfoundation sponsored by Nic Tailor Underwear to get men talking about their prostate health. To ALL the guys out there: Here is the mission: To Help spread awareness please post a selfie in your underwear or bathing suit and tag 3 other men to do the same using #NicTailorNoPants and tagging @prostatecancerfoundation. Have fun with it and make it your own. Post your pantless zoom attire, or ure Summer Swimsuit, or Risky Business it with a button down and tighty whities. I know it’s a vulnerable ask… but it’s a vulnerable conversation and we need to get it started. Ladies… encourage your men to do it. And to get screened. Your post and bringing awareness could save lives. Prostate cancer is silent and affects more than 14 million men worldwide. My own father caught it early and survived. 🙏Please Take control of your health. Get yearly checkups. Catch it early. And Let’s help support the Prostate Cancer Foundation and help end prostate cancer. 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 I’m going to tag a bunch of friends to get the ball rolling. You just need to post your photo and tag 3 of yours. #NicTailorNoPants @rcmccall @iamadamdavenport @matthieulange @joelmichaely4real @gnhsurf @paolomascitti @kevinbrennan @kaigreene @georgekosturos @derekwarburton @dominicdevore @isaiahmustafa @lancebass @kellanlutz @mrjerryoc @miketyson @ryanseacrest

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Facinelli also opened up about his weight loss in an interview with People, admitting he’s “physically in better shape than I’ve ever been” after undertaking a new diet regimen.

“Everything’s kind of shut down right now and I wanted to focus on myself,” he explained. “So I did a lot of meditating, a lot of reading and a lot of growing personally and just wanted to physically see if I could get as physically fit as I could.”

Part of this involved eliminating sugar and takeout food from his diet, noting that while he didn’t feel like he was overweight he did feel “sluggish” at times.

“Now I feel leaner, I feel more cut, I feel I have a lot more energy,” he added.

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He also revealed that he was inspired to join the campaign because both his father and uncle had prostate cancer.

“The goal of the campaign is to get men talking about their prostate health, something that doesn’t really come easily to a lot of people, and in this kind of fun way. It doesn’t have to be sexy. It could just be you and a work shirt and underwear and you [tag] three of your guy friends,” he said. “It’s not a comfortable conversation for men. It’s a vulnerable thing to go to the doctor and check in on your prostate and have tests done, but it’s important.”