Harry Styles has never been shy about sharing his love of soccer, and apparently it also extends beyond the professional variety.

A player on a team for the Camden Youth League shared a pair of photos on Twitter congratulating a player for “winning our football league” while offering “a huge thanks to Harry Styles for taking this picture of us…”

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Alongside the Styles-shot photo of the team was another, of the “Sign of the Times” holding a phone as he prepares to snap the pic.

Meanwhile, the team member who was being congratulated also took to Twitter, displaying a brief video of Styles as he took the photo.

“Harry Styles really thought I wanted a picture with him,” he joked in the caption.

Back in 2014, Styles made headline for his soccer skills when he scored a goal at a charity soccer match organized by fellow 1D member Niall Horan.

As Sports Illustrated reported at the time, another notable moment for Styles came when he snuck up behind British broadcaster Piers Morgan, grabbed his shorts and pulled them down to his ankles.

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