Cate Blanchett has some criticism for the world’s response to the coronavirus.

The actress, 51, stepped out as jury president for the 2020 Venice Film Festival on Wednesday and chatted with reporters about the ongoing pandemic.

Blanchett also posed on the red carpet in a medical mask and stunning Giorgio Armani jumpsuit while staying socially distant from her fellow jury members: Matt Dillon, Nicola Lagioia, Joanna Hogg, Veronika Franz, Ludivine Sagnier and Christian Petzold.

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Cate Blanchett. Photo: CPImages
Cate Blanchett. Photo: CPImages

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“Yes, Uncle Economy seems to be the most important member of the family,” she told reporters. “I find it bizarre that the World Health Organization is not being allowed to lead this global challenge.”

The “Carol” star added, “I think we’re a very strange species that we don’t learn by the painful examples, for example the terrible stress that Italy was under and when it reached other countries they didn’t learn a painful lesson – the way things were handled and the challenges those countries that were first hit and what they faced and what other countries could perhaps prepare for. It’s a very strange thing that I still don’t quite understand, that we behave in quite obtuse and fragmented and destructive ways.”

Blanchett was later spotted at the opening ceremony of the film festival.

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