Maluma is clearing the air about his latest single.

The reggaeton singer, 26, chatted with People magazine about the meaning behind the tune “Hawái”, revealing, despite speculation, it’s not about his ex Natalia Barulich.

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“I think that everybody has these kinds of relationships or this kind of way to end a relationship. I didn’t have an exact situation on my mind when I wrote the song.

“My management team called and were like, ‘Bro, have you seen all the comments on Twitter and Instagram?’ I was like, ‘No, what happened?’ ‘Everybody’s thinking you dedicated this song to this girl.’ I was like, ‘I never thought about it.’ ”

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After dropping the song, fans found the lyrics hinted at the breakup, “Stop lying to yourself/the photo you uploaded with him saying he was your heaven/Baby, I know you so well/I know it was to make me jealous.”

Maluma later explained, “If they want to think that that’s why I did it, it’s fine. But no, I didn’t think about it.”

Listen to the track below: