Kim Kardashian and sister Kylie Jenner get a little too close for comfort in a newly leaked, NSFW Kanye West music video.

The Eli Russell Linnetz-directed video for West’s and Tyga’s 2017 track “Feel Me” was leaked Wednesday, showing his wife and sister-in-law in some compromising positions.

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At one point, Kardashian seemingly gives birth to her younger sister as she’s seen with her legs open while Jenner walks out of her lady parts.

West and Tyga only make short appearances in the clip.

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While no one knows why the video has suddenly been released, it’s causing a lot of stir online.

Kardashian and West were already married when the video was originally filmed in 2017. Meanwhile, on-off Jenner and Tyga were on the outs at the time, calling off their relationship that same year.