LL Cool J is among those who believe Chadwick Boseman’s superhero presence extended far beyond the movie screen.

LL recently spoke with Apple Music’s “Strombo” host George Stroumboulopoulos to reflect on the life of Boseman.

“He inspired Black people all around the world,” the rapper said. “He inspired people in general. I think in a short period of time he became a true-to-life hero in his ability to kinda fight through what he was dealing with, unbeknownst to the world is just unbelievable man.”

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He also touched on the significant impact of “Black Panther” on Hollywood.

“Playing that character in ‘Black Panther’ and changing the perception of how movies with Black leads can be treated worldwide, he proved that this whole idea that Blacks couldn’t sell internationally was a complete and absolute myth,” LL shared.

“I mean, he debunked that myth on every level,” Global’s “NCIS: Los Angeles” star continued. “It proved that it was just part of some sort of systemic biased that had kinda been baked into society.”

Speaking on the broader racial issues in America, LL asserted there is a “right side” and “wrong side” to be on.

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“There is a right side of history and a wrong side of history,” he said. “I think the right side of history is people being one and not marginalizing any group and everybody having an opportunity to be successful and take care of their families and live their dreams.”

“Then you have another group who try to rationalize mistreatment based on a false premise that they are somehow more worthy of certain things, when in reality that’s just not true,” LL concluded.

Boseman died August 28 surrounded by family in his Los Angeles home. The “Marshall” star’s unexpected death rattled the globe. It was revealed Boseman was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in 2016 and had privately battled it for years as it progressed to stage 4.