Meghan Trainor welcomed a very special guest to the latest edition of her Apple Music Hits show, “Dirty Pop Radio” — her own husband, Daryl Sabara.

During the conversation, the spouses revealed how they fell in love while Sabara discussed his role in “Spy Kids”, all while sharing their favourite songs.

Trainor started things off with a doozy of a question. “I wanted to just ask you what were the few things that told you, ‘Oh, she’s the one for me.’ Boom, biggest question ever. Whatever dude, you got this, go. Wait, why’d you fall in love with me?”

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Replied Sabara, “When you walked in the room, I was like, “Damn, she’s a dime.” However, he also admitted that he “messed up because I had a beard.”

“Yeah,” added Trainor, “you looked scrub.”

He admitted, “I was scrubbing it because I was nervous and I was like, ‘If she can love me at my scrubbiest then she can love me no matter what.’ And from that moment on, I always promised you that I can get better and that I can get cleaner-looking.”

Trainor then asked her husband, “What was it like being a spy kid?”

“Surreal,” he replied. “I was a kid when it happened.”

He added: “It was just so much fun. I never wanted it to stop. What’s cool is that people still watch it and they still really like it, and then, we watched it a couple times, and every time I do watch it, it’s like, boom, I get to relive my childhood.”

Trainor admitted she was a fan: “I can’t wait to show our future kids someday.”

Trainor also discussed Sabara’s love for Coldplay.

“I can’t do a show about my husband and I’s favourite songs without doing Coldplay. It’s not okay. Daryl is the biggest Coldplay fan there ever was and there ever will be. He has a crazy obsession. Loves me a lot, but I think he loves Coldplay more,” she explained.

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