Billy Porter is the latest celeb to speak with IMDb for the “Movies That Changed My Life” podcast, and the “Pose” star shared some of the films that proved to be defining for him.

Chatting with host Ian de Borja, Porter singled out a number of films, starting with “The Color Purple”, which was released when he was still in high school.

Porter described the film as “a triumph that transcended what was available to us as Black artists.”

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He added: “And while the story was very difficult, just in terms of the subject matter for me, it’s also a truth that we, as Black people, were able to see, we were seeing ourselves reflected back at us in this major way.”

Another film that made a big impact on Porter was Spike Lee’s “School Daze”, which, he said, “breaks all the rules, 100 per cent. Even today, like, it still rules.”

Other influential films Porter identified were Baz Luhrmann’s “Romeo + Juliet”, which he thought was “beautifully done.” 

The entire conversation can be heard in the podcast above.