Jaden Smith took the word “chill” to a new level recently.

Smith shared a clip Wednesday in which he heads inside a cryo-chamber: “I’ll try to stay in there for as long as I possibly can.”

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The 22-year-old, who was dressed in swim trunks and gloves to prevent frostbite, lasted three minutes while his body was exposed to freezing temperatures from liquid nitrogen, before holding up his hands and exiting.

The employee in the video told Smith that many professional athletes struggle to make it to one minute, let alone three.

David Blaine joined Smith in the video, telling the workers to crank up the volume to the maximum for himself, staying in the chamber for a whopping nine minutes.

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Despite cryotherapy being a well-known treatment, the FDA point out on their website that whole body cryotherapy has not been proven to provide the health benefits that many wellness centres claim it does.

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