Paris Hilton Says: ‘I’m Not A Dumb Blond, I’m Just Very Good At Pretending’

Paris Hilton says her “dumb blond” personality is a gimmick.

Hilton, 39, appears on this week’s edition of “CBS Sunday Morning”. The reality star-turned-entrepreneur-turned DJ tells Tracy Smith the public perception of her is of an image she intentionally portrays.

“There’s so many differences,” Hilton says between her and the way she acts on camera. “With the character, it’s mostly kind of this blond, bubbly, kind of Barbie airhead. And, in real life, I’m the exact opposite… I’m not a dumb blond. I’m just very good at pretending to be one.”

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Hilton reflects on her childhood, a subject that will be explored fully in YouTube’s “This is Paris”. The celebrity says she was a wild teen and sent to several “behaviour modification schools” by her parents. She was allegedly abused, choked, and hit while attending Provo Canyon School in Utah.

“When I got out, I was just so grateful and so happy to be free and to be out of there that I just didn’t want to bring it up,” Hilton says. “I was like, I’d rather, you know, just never talk about this. Just don’t think about it. And the moment I stepped out of that building is when I decided I’m never telling this story to anyone, ever.”

Hilton blames her traumatic experiences at the school for putting her in the mindset to engage in her infamous 2003 sex tape.

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“That would never have happened if I hadn’t gone to that school,” she assures. “I just feel when I got out of that school, I was so lost… I never would have let someone like that in my life if I hadn’t gone through such experiences. And therefore, I would have never put myself in that situation. But I just wanted love so bad. I didn’t really know. I was so naïve. And I trusted the wrong person. And that’s something I’ll regret for the rest of my life.

“I think when people see the film, they’re going to see a completely different side,” Hilton says. “And, they’re going to see I am human, and I do have feelings.”

“This is Paris” premieres September 14 on YouTube.

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