Niecy Nash sent “Celebrity Game Face” competitors into laughing fits after calling Sherri Shepherd on the phone for a NSFW chat.

Host Kevin Hart invited contestants Nash and Wendy Raquel Robinson, Rob Schneider and wife Patricia Schneider, and Victor Cruz and Karrueche Tran to play virtually. During a game dubbed “Hit ‘Em Up”, Nash called up Shepherd. Nash was tasked with getting Shepherd to say a secret word given to her by the other contestants.

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“Hey girl hey, how you doin’?” Nash asked Shepherd, who replied, “Jeffrey let the water run in the dag-gone bath because he was in there for four hours doing God knows what a 15-year-old does in the bathtub with the door locked!”

“What is he supposed to be doing when he’s in there?” Nash asked. “He’s supposed to do that with a girlfriend!” Shepherd responded. “No, I don’t mean that,” Nash continued. “I mean technically!” Shepherd replied, “Jerk off!”

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Nash finally got Shepherd to state the correct word but that was not the only secret code Nash was asked to convey. During the episode, it was also revealed that Schneider completely forgot about David Spade’s birthday.

The new episode of “Celebrity Game Face” airs on Thursday at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT.