It’s been nearly a decade since “One Tree Hill” left the air in 2012, yet the show’s male co-stars remain a tight-knit crew who still text each other daily.

There’s one key difference for stars Tyler Hilton, Chad Michael Murray, Paul Johansson, Kieren Hutchison, Lee Norris and Antwon Tanner since the show’s debut in 2003 — these days, they’re all fathers.

Hilton is the newest member of that club, with he and his wife, Canadian actress/filmmaker Megan Park, welcoming their first child — daughter Winnifred — in December.

“They’ve all been so stoked for me. Everyone’s so supportive,” Hilton told Today. “They started a ‘One Tree Hill’ dad chat on Father’s Day. It was the cutest thing… I was thinking, ‘Dude, if any of us thought we’d one day be on a Father’s Day chat together, we would’ve been like: What?’ It was wild.”

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The group chat was launched by Tanner, who, joked Hilton, has adult children “but doesn’t seem like a dad.”

Hilton added: “I remember when we were younger, trying to figure out how to be adults. Now we’re figuring out how to be parents. I’m sure all of this will seem charmingly immature in 10 years. We’ll look back and laugh, ‘Look at us trying to figure out diapers!’”

Hilton also shared some of the fatherly advice he’d received from his fellow “One Tree Hill” dads. 

“Chad helped me out a bunch before Winnie came along,” he said of Murray, who shares two children with wife Sarah Roemer. “He and Sarah filled me in on everything and I texted him more than anybody in the beginning — about the dumbest, simplest things. He’d be like, ‘Dude, get (onesies with) zippers — don’t bother with snaps.’”

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Meanwhile, it’s not just his male co-stars who are keeping close.

“Hilarie’s been checking on me constantly,” Hilton said of former co-star Hilarie Burton, who shares two children with husband Geoffrey Dean Morgan. “She’s super-invested in us having a kid. She was really involved with helping us prepare for the birth and we’ve FaceTimed with her son, Gus, who’s so into Winnie.”

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