Miley Cyrus had a lot during her recent two-hour sit-down for Joe Rogan’s podcast, including a look at some sexist attitudes she had to overcome while putting together her remotely shot performance of “Midnight Sky” for the 2020 MTV VMAs.

As Cyrus told Rogan, she’d been “learning a lot” about camerawork and lighting after self-directing her “Midnight Sky” video, and asked producers “some questions” relating to her VMAs performance.

Explaining that she has been “learning a lot” recently when it comes to camera and lighting operation — and even directed her most recent music video — Cyrus said she was asking “some questions” during the shoot.

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“Not even on some diva s**t. I wanted the lights to be turned off and then the lighting of the room to just be lighting me. So no key light, no beauty light,” she explained.

“And beauty light is always used on women and I said, turn the f**king lights off. You would never tell Travis Scott or Adam Levine that he couldn’t turn the beauty light off. I want this red lighting,” Cyrus continued.

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“They said, ‘Okay, okay, we’ll just do the same thing that we would do with the guys,’ because that’s what I want,” she added. “And then something that I was doing for the VMAs, my bracelets kept getting caught in all this s**t. They said, ‘You want to be treated like a guy and lit like a guy? We wouldn’t be dealing with this if a guy was doing it.'”

The entire two-hour podcast can be viewed in the video above.

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