On Thursday night, the “Big Brother” house came together and voted unanimously to kick Kaysar Ridha to the curb, making him the fourth houseguest to be booted from the “All-Stars” season.

But, he didn’t exit the house without ruffling some feathers, targeting the core group of people in Cody Calafiore’s alliances including Dani Briones, Tyler Crispen and Nicole Franzel.

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ET Canada’s Sangita Patel caught up with the “BB” icon to chat all about his iconic pre-eviction speech and his 15-year relationship with the Queen of “Big Brother”, Janelle Pierzina.

“I knew it was going to be a long shot. I was a dead man walking,” he says of his chances to stay in the game.

“So, I know I figured…I’m not one to just kind of lay back and do nothing. Unfortunately, I never got power, but I tried to use my sway in the house to influence people throughout the game since week one,” Ridha continues.

His final plea to his fellow houseguests had their jaws on the floor, but the 39-year-old says it was “the best thing I could do, partly in fun, just to get a little sassy towards the end and say some things and it seemed like some people were offended.”

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Of course, Julie Chen Moonves couldn’t help but ask Ridha about the “icy” goodbyes he received from Dani and Nicole, but he shares why he wasn’t surprised by their reactions.

“I saw their body language as soon as I gave that speech and they were waiting to go into the [Diary Room] to vote,” he admits. “They had their arms crossed and they were not happy at all. I knew that I had struck a chord with them. They didn’t want to be singled out.”

Ridha continues, “The thing is, it’s understandable because if you take a look at the way that they run their game, their best position is one that allows them to fly under the radar. When their cover is blown, they can’t play their game.”

“I’m given the opportunity to give a speech, within my rights, and I used it,” he adds. “It’s not like I made it personal or went after anyone in a way…I don’t think it was distasteful whatsoever, I thought it was kind of funny actually.”

Continues Ridha, “This is All-Stars, I think there should be some level of showmanship. This is not a regular season.”

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One thing that wasn’t necessarily funny to him was Memphis Garrett’s creation of the power alliance that sent him packing.

“What got me was I didn’t really see Memphis as somebody who was doing anything. In fact, Janelle and I would constantly joke within the house that he was a dud and so for us to be that far off is so impressive,” he quips.

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This may be his last time ever setting foot inside the “Big Brother” house, but one thing that will last a lifetime is his friendship with Janelle.

“I just get emotional thinking about how iconic it was. Who would’ve thought 15 years ago, ‘Big Brother’ was just starting to be a thing, here we are again and what a pleasure to be able to do this again,” Ridha emotionally shares.

He adds, “It gives me the chills just thinking about it, and the reason why I didn’t want her to go was because I didn’t want that moment to end. I wanted to continue to live that out and I wanted the fans to be able to continue to see because it is special. What you see unfolding on TV is real.”

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Check out our full interview with Ridha below.

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