Drew Barrymore and Whoopi Goldberg have more in common than just being Hollywood actors.

Both stars spontaneously tied the knot to former flames back when they were younger.

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The pair sat down for a candid conversation during Barrymore’s “Art of the Interview” digital series.

Barrymore looked back on marrying her first husband, Jeremy Thomas, while filming 1995’s “Boys on the Side” alongside Goldberg.

“[Remember] when I had to show up on the set of ‘Boys on the Side’ and tell you I got married over the weekend? Talk about shame,” she recalled.

“Like, ‘Yeah, no, I wasn’t really talking about this guy last week, but I’m married to him now. So happy Monday.'”

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That lack of dating meant Barrymore and Thomas ended things just two months later.

“I did that also, pretty much the same way,” said Goldberg, who has been married to Alvin Martin (1973-1979), David Claessen (1986-1988) and Lyle Trachtenberg (1994-1995).

Re-enacting how she broke the news to everyone at the time, she continued: “‘Hey, yes, I’m here. No, no, I did get married. What’s his name? Wait a minute, I know it — but let’s finish with what you’re talking about and we’ll get to what his name is.'”

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Barrymore laughed: “It’s a real ‘how-was-your-weekend?’ moment!”