Thomas Rhett Admits He Was ‘Jerky’ To Wife Lauren Akins During Adoption Process

Thomas Rhett is reflecting on what he describes as the “rougher” moments in his marriage to Lauren Akins.

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The singer opened up on his wife’s recently released memoir, Live in Love, during an interview with “The Bobby Bones Show”.

Rhett and Akins tied the knot in 2012 and are parents to daughters Ada, 3, and Lennon, 6 months. They also adopted daughter, Willa, 4, back in 2015.

“I would say reading the book, I laughed a lot and cried a little bit,” Rhett shared. “There were a couple [of] parts where I wish I wasn’t made out to look like such a jerk.”

He continued, “There were certain parts in our marriage where I was a bit jerky, especially through the adoption — not that any of this was my fault.”

Rhett reflected on one of his “jerky” moments, which happened when his pregnant wife was in Uganda amid their adoption process.

“I was back in Nashville,” he recalled. “Lauren called me after a show it was 9 a.m. in Uganda and she heard my friends laughing in the back. That’s when Lauren was 7 months pregnant and throwing up in Uganda. She said we’re living completely separate last lives right now. That was humbling for me.”

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Rhett revealed that the incident ultimately led the couple to seek therapy, which has since made their relationship stronger.

“Now that we’re on the other side of it, I feel like I learned so much from it,” he added. “In a marriage, you just have to figure stuff out. You’ve gotta talk about it, be real about it and be honest about it. Hopefully, there’s somebody else reading that chapter and [they] say, ‘If they can work it out, we can work it out too.’”

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