Paul Rudd appeared on The Ringer’s “10 Questions with Kyle Brandt”, and the conversation focused entirely on a single movie: “Anchorman”.

For the first question, Rudd was asked to single out his favourite scene in the Will Ferrell-starring comedy.

“Favourite scene, I don’t know,” Rudd admitted. “I really laughed when Ferrell says, ‘Milk was a bad choice,’ because I remember when he did it, and it was so surprising,” he said.

As Rudd recalled, he and were standing next to Ferrell, who was “just making things up, and he just took a swig of milk and said, ‘Milk was a bad choice,’ and I just remember looking at Steve Carell, like he and I looking at each other and trying not to ruin the take and laugh. It was the funniest thing I’d ever heard… just such a simple, perfect thing to say.”

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Asked if he knew when they shot the film that it would become a comedy classic, Rudd admitted that when he first read the script thinking, “Oh my God, this is the funniest thing ever… I knew when were were filming things certain things were hilarious, but how it’s going to work out in the finished product, how it’ll get edited, you never really know.”

In addition, Rudd also discussed how an entire storyline in the movie was filmed and then trashed.

“There was this kind of rebel group that abducts Ron, and we have to go get him back,” said Rudd of the footage.

Although it never made it into the finished cut, Rudd explained that “it does exist, you can see it in another version called ‘Wake Up Ron Burgundy’, it is out there.

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