Selena Gomez And NikkieTutorials Team Up For Makeovers

Selena Gomez and YouTube makeup star NikkieTutorials joined forces to chat all things beauty.

The “Ice Cream” singer joined Nikkie on her channel where the two swapped their beauty products. Gomez got to try out Nikkie’s Beauty Bay palette while the Dutch star used products from Rare Beauty.

The two spoke about everything from their favourite makeup looks to Gomez’s first TV audition. They also touched on paparazzi.

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“I’m not really a big fan. I think me, I think I’m like I got a special target on my head. People are assuming or expecting some huge thing for me,” Gomez admitted.

Elsewhere in the chat the two spoke about mental health and standards in the beauty industry.

“It is good to see the authentic ones come up,” Nikkie said.

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“I wanted this to be me being honest, I believe in my product,” Gomez replied. “But it is so exciting to get to work with people like yourself you are true artists in that world.”

“I definitely spent years thinking I had to be a certain way,” Gomez added. “I’ve been single for almost five years and I think this was so important to me.”

Adding, “I wouldn’t take anything back, but now I know.”

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