Sarah Polley is looking back at the “gross” kissing scenes she filmed on “Road To Avonlea”.

The Canadian actress, who starred on the ’90s series between 1990 and 1996, took to Twitter on Monday to recall the “creepy” scenes she filmed with co-stars twice her age.

“This is a photo of Treat Williams and me. I was thirteen or fourteen. So he was around 40. It was an episode of ‘Avonlea’ and my character was in love with him and we had a kissing scene. WTF?! Someone just reminded me of this…” she wrote.

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Polley later recalled another incident, “And here is photo of [Jaimz Woolvett] and I. I think around the same time. So I’m around 13 or 14 I think. He’s 26. Another kissing scene. What on earth? This is all coming back to me now… Super creepy ‘Road To Avonlea’ stuff… Was this legal?”

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While she didn’t go into detail, she did reveal more “inappropriate” things that happened on set.

“Sadly these incidents would still rank very low on my list of the many damaging and inappropriate things that happened while making that show,” she said.

Polley was only 11-years-old when “Road To Avonlea” premiered.

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