Todd Chrisley is protecting his daughter Savannah Chrisley from haters on the internet.

The “Chrisley Knows Best” star shared a screenshot of messages sent to his daughter over Instagram from a user whose account has been deleted.

The messages contained hurtful comments about Savannah’s appearance and speculation about Todd’s sexuality, one message reading: “Why don’t you admit your dad is a f*****. America sees that your dad is gay the more he keeps denying it will manifest itself.”

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The message also included taunts about Savannah’s relationship with Nicolas Kerdiles, saying, “And admit NICK dumped you he don’t want you. Honey the minute you start telling your man how to dress and get Botox he will distance himself from you and get p**** on the side.”

Todd responded to the messages in his post: “@tiffanygirlsnyc I sat with your message that you sent to @savannahchrisley and today since I had a few minutes, I decided to allow my f**dom to manifest enough to say ‘F*** off ‘ you have some nerve to come at my daughter but after reviewing your profile, I see where the jealousy comes from”.

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He defended his daughter’s relationship saying Kerdiles is “right beside @savannahchrisley” and concluded, “Now with all that being said ‘I’ve got a bag of d**** to work on.’ PS, who even uses the word ‘F******’ anymore, didn’t that go out with bell bottoms.”

Savannah and hockey player Nic Kerdiles announced in June they were postponing their wedding after feeling things were “moving too fast”.

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