Chrissy Teigen discusses the upcoming U.S. presidential election, therapy, the Black Lives Matter movement, and more in a new interview with Marie Claire.

Teigen says of why she started going to therapy during lockdown, “I didn’t start therapy until quarantine. I used to avoid it and make fun of the idea of it, and then I found the person and it changed my world.

“People think I’m tough, but I’m such an empath, and I take on other people’s pain and sadness as my own. And when I let people down, I’m hyperaware of it. Sometimes I feel like people aren’t going to be as hard on me as I am on myself. So, it’s good for me to take a break.”

CREDIT: Lauren Dukoff
CREDIT: Lauren Dukoff — CREDIT: Lauren Dukoff

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The cookbook author also speaks about teaching her kids about the violence and trauma Black people face: “There are books that I read when I became a mom that would explain to them hard and traumatic situations. But it’s really hard to teach them about their privilege; there are no books for that.

“But regardless of money or status, they’re always going to have their skin colour. When it comes to them being treated differently because of the colour of their skin, I’m going to look to John for a lot of help with that because while they are Asian and white too, their skin colour is Black. We just try to talk to them like little adults, saying it in words they’ll understand, making it known that it’s very serious, and letting them ask as many questions as they need.”

She shares her and husband John Legend’s experience with racism back in 2010: “We were in a nicer neighborhood at night, driving slowly, looking for John’s godmother’s home. These two guys were in a pickup truck slowly tailing us, flashing their lights, and trying to speak to us. When we pulled over, they were like, ‘What are you guys looking for?’ and we gave them the address.”

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“They literally said, ‘Get your asses out of here!’ and proceeded to follow us all the way into her driveway. They got out of the car and stared at us as we knocked on the door and went inside. It was a terrible, scary experience.”

CREDIT: Lauren Dukoff
CREDIT: Lauren Dukoff

Teigen talks about the upcoming election and reveals where their allegiance lies.

“We are proud to stand behind [Joe] Biden. We’re not only voting for Biden because it’s not Trump. We’re voting for him because we think he’s going to do an incredible job of bringing a bit of healing to the country,” the star shares. “We are a divided, hurt nation that needs to be brought back together. [Biden is] someone who looks into issues with clear eyes, empathy, and understanding from being involved in politics. I also look at a presidential candidate as someone I want my kids to be able to look up to. I don’t see that in Donald Trump or any of his family.”

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