Kelly Ripa Says Getting Her Hair Coloured For The First Time Since Quarantine Felt ‘Incredible’

Kelly Ripa is back at work her hair is looking great.

On Tuesday, Ripa and Ryan Seacrest aired their first episode of “Live” in the studio since the pandemic lockdown began earlier this year.

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“I got my hair coloured and styled and it felt incredible just to have it really done,” Ripa announced off the top.

“Walk me through it when you say you had it done,” Seacrest asked. “You had foil? You had paint? You had one of those helmet blow dryers?”

She explained, “So we did the base coat. We did the foils. We did the hair dryer. The whole thing. It felt very safe.”

Ripa then described all the safety measures that are now in place at the hair salon to limit spread of the coronavirus.

“Well I had the mask on first. What’s interesting is you’ve got your mask on and then you have to move the straps of the mask so you can get all of the — apparently my neck is very hairy,” she laughed.

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The host also said that her time in quarantine has actually made her hair healthier.

“It has gotten insanely long and thick,” she said. “It’s like I forgot how much hair I had because I had been putting pieces in and clipping [extensions] in. This is all my hair. And it’s like incredibly long and thick and I think it’s from not styling it, not colouring it.”

She added, “So there’s something to be said about shooting your show through a computer screen at home and not washing your hair and styling it everyday. My hair is curly too which I forgot because I spent so much time blowing it out only to put curls back into it. But it’s actually very, very wiry hair.”

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