Ryan Reynolds is back with a brand-new Mint Mobile ad, and he’s bringing ’80s actor Rick Moranis along for the ride.

Mint Mobile owner Reynolds can be seen standing in a field of mint in the new ad, which is promoting the phone company’s new Unlimited Everything option.

The Canadian actor explains a bit about the plan before bringing on Moranis; known for roles in “Ghostbusters” and the “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” franchise before he left Hollywood in the late ’90s to focus on raising his kids.

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As Moranis asks why he’s there to promote the deal, Reynolds admits there’s no real reason, he’s just a huge fan.

“Oh stop it, come on, stop it,” Moranis says, as Reynolds insists: “No, seriously, massive,” as Moranis just says “See ya!” and walks off screen.

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Moranis is set to return to films after a 23-year hiatus with the “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” reboot, “Shrunk” soon.

See more in the clip above.